Welcome to my Game Design Portfolio!

I am Stefan Kwak, I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in ‘Game Design and Production’ at Breda University of applied sciences and set to graduate July 23. Right now I am working on a brand new game and studio which you will hear more about in the future!

I have three years of Game Dev experience working in teams up to 30 people. As a systems designer I have been specializing towards NPC/AI design, implementation, testing and iteration in collaboration with multi-disciplinary teams. As of now, I am taking the indie route and working as an all-rounder.

Contact info:
Mail: Stefan.Kwak@gmail.com

Current Project

Past Projects

‘Child of Lothian’ is a single-player, narrative driven, stealth game. Set in 18th century Edinburgh, the player falls victim to witch hunts.

My responsibilities on this project has mainly consisted of research and prototyping during the concept phase. During this time I put efforts towards the player movement/climbing system as well as NPC/AI behaviour and systems. The latter of which will likely be my main focus during the continuation of the project.

‘Child of Lothian’ is OUT NOW on STEAM!

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‘Osakabe’ is a first person horror game taking inspiration from Japanese folk lore. Playing as a lost child the player is tasked with escaping a Japanese castle whilst trying to stay clear of the Osakabe. The game/enemy is completely AI driven with the exception of a single lightning strike.

My main responsibility on this project was the design of the Osakabe AI while working closely together with the AI programmer. As lead designer I also worked on getting the overall project to a desirable state.

‘Osakabe’ released in Q2 2021 and is available on Itch.io!

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Twin-Stick Jukebox

This project formed the introduction to the system designer role (before this everyone was a general designer).

For this block we were to work in a twin-stick jukebox template and deliver a new weapon and enemy within the existing framework.